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Tristan Hallam: Tinnitus Cure. Hope is on The Horizon

It is not nice to have tinnitus.  The condition is often described as having a mild, moderate or severe effect upon the sufferer.

A mild level of tinnitus means that it is noticeable but does not cause any concern, moderate that it is present and does cause some problems such as getting to sleep and severe that can lead the sufferer to complain of such severe problems that they are led to distraction.

Often it is a case of learning to live with the condition. Sometimes putting on what is generally known as a noise box or white noise at night such as a radio can help the sufferer get to sleep. The effect is that the brain does not concentrate on the tinnitus but instead on the background noise.

Tinnitus can appear as a matter of course. It can be caused by age.  It can also be caused by exposure to loud noise.

From a claim perspective it is generally thought that tinnitus in the absence of any evidence of deafness is unlikely to have been caused by the exposure to noise.  If therefore Claimants suffered with tinnitus it is for the Claimant’s solicitor to look to establish that noise induced deafness has also occurred by way of a report from a Consultant ENT Surgeon who will equally comment on the tinnitus issue.

I was pleased to read in a newspaper recently that the University of Pittsburgh in the USA may be heading towards finding a cure for tinnitus.  I anticipate that this is still very much in the early stages, however one would hope to see this being publicised in the future.I wish the scientist well.

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