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Russell Brand & Katy Perrys 5 month marriage on the rocks?

Rumours have been circulating the celebrity world in both the UK and the USA that Russell Brand’s 5 month marriage to US pop sensation, Katy Perry is on the rocks. Brand admits that marriage is something that needs to be worked on but has rubbished the rumours.

Brand has confirmed that married life has thrown up its fair share of challenges. It is reported that Brand has said that as a former sex addict, he has gone from having sex 20 times a week before marriage to having a sex life so dull that he has taken up gardening! Brand has admitted that the thought of marriage being for the rest of his life can be a daunting prospect, but he is taking it one step at a time. He has reportedly said that he and Perry are both working very hard in their respective careers and that he is still very much excited and enchanted by his wife.

Let’s hope that the rumours that the couple have seen a marriage counsellor are not true and that the couple’s marriage will be a successful one. At least we can be certain of one thing- the couple’s garden will be preened to perfection!


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