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Can Peter Andre Prevent Ex-Wifes' New Boyfriend Spending Time with His Kids?

Peter Andre fuming over photos of Jordans new boyfriend, Leandro, with his children, but can he prevent Leandro spending time with them?

It has been reported that Peter Andre was absolutely livid to see pictures of his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, Leandro Penna holding their 5 year old son, Junior in public recently.

Jordan has apparently defended her decision to introduce her new boyfriend to the children by questioning what all the fuss is about.

Perhaps we can understand Peter’s frustration, especially when it wasn’t that long ago that after just 2 months from splitting from Peter in May 2009, Jordan was snapped kissing Alex Reid as he played with Junior during a family day out. We all know how that relationship turned out!

So we can sympathise with Peter’s concerns as to how the children will react to yet another one of Jordan’s boyfriends coming into their lives. However, in reality, there is little that Peter can do about it. As the children’s mother, Jordan is entitled to introduce the children to whomever she likes as it is considered that she is responsible for them whilst they are in her care and she will supposedly have their best interests at heart.

The same goes for Peter when he cares for the children. Indeed, it is understood that he introduced the children to his new girlfriend, Elen Rivas and if reports are to be believed, the couple have now split up.

Therefore, however frustrating this may be for you Peter, unfortunately you are going to just have to bite your tongue! Jordan is the woman you married and had children with and at the time you loved her. Peter will just have to hope that Jordan and Leandro will try to avoid flaunting their relationship in front of the children too soon until the children have had time to adjust to yet another new situation at home!

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