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Jeremy Summers to speak at Thomson Reuters European Customer Summit

Jeremy will participate in an expert panel discussion regarding the Bribery Act at the 4th Annual European Customer Summit event on June 16 2011 at Vinopolis in London.The panel synopsis is as follows:The Bribery Act: The Results are in
The Bribery Act introduced in 2011 is having a significant impact on firms. The new Act means that all commercial organisations will need to have in place ‘adequate procedures’ to prevent corruption. Businesses keen to be compliant will need to start preparing now, and this seminar will aim to provide appropriate guidance. It will cover the following:
•    Understanding active and passive offences
•    Applying adequate procedures to your business
•    Assessing the risks of bribery and corruption in the financial services sector
•    Comparison between the bribery Act and the FCPA (discussion on the overlaps & contradictions)More information will be available on the Thomson Reuters website in due course.