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Marwa Hadi discusses new 'Divorce App' launch

There appears to be an App for everything nowadays as a new iPhone “Divorce” App has been launched.

There have been similar divorce Apps in the US for quite some time however, this has only now recently been launched in England and Wales.

The Apple App Store claims the App offers “the first line of information to anyone considering divorce or separation and who wants to be better informed about the process.”  It is intended to provide a practical, down to earth view of the divorce process.

It is priced at £9.99 however, concerns are to be had regarding the information provided.It is clearly no substitute for legal advice. If purchased you will find that it is stated on the app that this would provide no more than an overview of the divorce procedure. On that basis it appears to be no different to the very basic guides to divorce which can be found in books or websites.

This App therefore is likely to have limited use and it is naïve for consumers to rely on software to guide them through the divorce process and resolve often contentious financial and children issues.

At Russell Jones and Walker we often are instructed by individuals who have attempted to initially deal with their matter themselves and sometimes online. This usually results in further work being needed to be carried out by us as their legal representatives to rectify any mistakes which have been made or to resolve issues which should have been dealt with initially and have impacted on their case overall.

Whether this App will therefore take off remains to be seen, however, it is hoped that consumers when purchasing this will not have unrealistic expectations regarding what this software can do and appreciate it is no substitute for expert legal advice tailored to their individual needs.