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Post Divorce Nips & Tucks? Isabel Thornton explains the growing trend

This week we have seen a lot of press coverage regarding plastic surgery with this coverage being both positive and negative.

Dealing with the negative first of all, we have all heard how the tragic death of, former Scotland footballer, Colin Hendry 's wife was caused, at least in part, by botched cosmetic surgery procedures.

No doubt, caution needs to be taken by all who are considering cosmetic procedures in order to ensure, insofar as possible, that their health remains paramount throughout. Should we therefore be worried by the rising trend reported in today's article in The Sun. 

According to The Sun, Transform report how those recently divorced now make up a whopping twenty-six percent of their client base. Common procedures seem to be nose and boob jobs (at times together no doubt) and stomach stapling.

Just last week, during lunch with a recently divorced former client I listened avidly (and hopefully didn't stare) whilst she told me of the facelift and boob job she recently underwent in Poland.Is this a trend to be frowned upon (excuse the pun)? I have always thought that I would simply grow old gracefully as I have seen family matriarch's do.

However upon reaching my thirties I am starting to notice a few lumps, bumps and wrinkles that I am sure weren't there yesterday!There are of course health risks which should be carefully balanced. However, as long as people do their research, I believe it is personal choice and if it provides a confidence boost, helping people get back into the dating game again then that has to be a positive thing. Doesn't it?Now what would I have done first? ..............Can anyone recommend a good surgeon?