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Divorce Parties Celebrate Final Legal Parting

In last nights EastEnders episode (yes, I admit it - I watch the soaps). Denise threw a party to celebrate her decision to divorce her husband, Lucas (as an aside, has she really only just decided to ditch her murderous, serial killer husband who locked her in a basement for weeks on end and threatened to take her life!).

I am hearing of more and more clients deciding to host lavish divorce parties to mark the final legal parting from their former spouses. No doubt a trend that has washed in from the USA but in any event, a very good excuse for a knees up I say.

Whilst former generations may have felt ashamed if they found themselves facing divorce, it appears younger generations are shaking off the stigma associated with divorce.

Whilst no one would dispute the huge detrimental effect of divorce on all involved, often people find themselves hauled into the divorce process through no fault of their own. Adultery remains one of the most commonly used facts cited in divorce petitions after all. Should such people still feel ashamed and embarrassed to be getting divorced? Certainly not in my view. So, crack the champagne open, eat, drink and start on the road to happiness again (and if a younger model comes along, all the better!).