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Denise Hendry, Surgical Claims & Clinical Negligence

Yet another horrifying example of a botched plastic surgery operation was exposed in the Metro this morning.  The terrible treatment which was afforded to former footballer Colin Hendry's wife, Denise, is shocking to say the least.  

We are frequently instructed by those who have suffered perforations during surgery.  As a rule, a single perforation in itself would not constitute negligent treatment.  Every surgery carries risk and the standard we have to apply when establishing clinical negligence cases is that of a "reasonably competent" surgeon; not a gold standard.

Where we tend to succeed with perforation cases, is where the aftercare has been mismanaged in some way - perhaps signs of infection have been ignored and serious complications arise.

However, in Denise Hendry's tragic case, one has to question the competence of a surgeon who manages to perforate a patient's bowel nine times!  It is rare to come across such a staggeringly poorly executed surgery.The fact that the Doctor has fled the country highlights the lack of redress victims have against private surgeons. 

This lady has tragically lost her life; no doubt under the misapprehension that this would be a straightforward operation with minimal risk.  I extend my deepest sympathies to Mrs Hendry's family.

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