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The other woman to be named in Divorce Petition is Kerry Katona?

It has been reported that Kerry Katona’s new boyfriend, Kevin Green walked out on his Wife and their three children to start a romance with the Dancing on Ice star.  Kevin Green’s Wife is now threatening to name Kerry Katona as the Second Respondent (“the other woman”) in the Divorce Petition, filing for Divorce from Kevin Green on the basis of his adultery with Kerry Katona. Adultery is defined as voluntary sexual intercourse between a man and woman who are not married to each other but one of whom at least is a married person.

In order to petition for Divorce from Kevin Green on the basis of his adultery, there are two matters that his Wife must prove:

1.    that Kevin Green has committed adultery with Katona; and
2.    that Mrs Green finds it intolerable to live with him.

In order to prove that Mr Green committed adultery with Katona, Mrs Green can either obtain Mr Green’s written confession to the adultery or instruct an enquiry agent to gather circumstantial evidence of the adultery, from which the Court will be asked to infer adultery. In the event that Mr Green agrees to provide his written confession to the adultery, it is anticipated that his Solicitors will advise him to use this as a negotiation tool i.e., he will confess but only on the basis that Kerry Katona is not be named as the Second Respondent in the Divorce Petition. How will the Divorce proceed? Watch this space!