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Cally Griffiths discusses Jon Henley's article

Jon Henley's article describes divorce lawyers as “ineffective and hugely expensive, charging a shocking amount to act as moderately experienced form-fillers”. This is hugely unfair on the vast majority of lawyers who work hard to ensure that couples issues are resolved without having to revert to the courts. Few cases need to engage in the process which is designed to bring the parties together in negotiations before ultimately imposing a decision on them.

Jon Henley paints a picture of a depressing and bleak court system which pits couples against each other in a destructive and damaging way. Whilst it is true that we all have the occasional client who becomes fixated on a particular asset or issue (a family pet or sentimental piece for example), these are rare and the vast majority of clients simply need the courts assistance to guide them towards a settlement.

Very few cases progress to a final hearing and require the courts to make the final decisions for them. Most use the process to ensure the information being disclosed by both parties is accurate and obtain some guidance from the court as to how the case should be determined. The vast majority of my clients that do issue proceedings, will reach there own agreement with the assistance of the court. This enables them to use the court expertise whilst still resolving matters in a way that allows them to feel in control of the outcome.