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Asbestos/Mesothelioma UK Regulations: A Change Request by the EU

I was reading an article last week in The Safety & Health Practitioner Magazine on the request by the EU for the UK to amend its regulations on asbestos at work as they currently do not comply.

The UK has had a history of attempting to water down legislation from Europe. The foundation of European health and safety law is the protection of the worker. In the field of asbestos exposure no safeguard can be too high to avoid exposure, however small, which creates a risk of causing the fatal mesothelioma cancer. Therefore, it is good to see the European Commission looking carefully at how member states respond to this important directive and interfering when they feel there is any laxity in respect of compliance with it.

Myself, and others, hope to see a marked improvement in asbestos/mesothelioma legislation in the near future. Simon Allen is National Practice Group Leader of the Personal Injury Department and is also the Managing Partner of the Sheffield office.

Simon specialises in asbestos/mesothelioma claims amongst other personal injury areas.

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