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Rome II: Part One

It was of course some time ago that the Treaties of Rome were signed by 6 European countries. The whole purpose of the Treaties of Rome (commonly called The Treaty of Rome) was to bring European countries closer together, in particular from an economic perspective.

The idea and therefore the European Union, stems itself from the Second World War and the devastation that was wrecked across Europe by conflict. Germany and France after the Second World War agreed to sign The Paris Treaty in 1951 which lead directly to the formation of the European Coal & Steel Community, the whole idea being that if Countries are united economically they will not only become close together, will share ideas but in particular, that the chances of conflict then incurring and escalating to the tragedy of a war will be averted.

Time has since passed. We are now some years since the original Treaty of Rome.  Since that day a number of other European countries have now joined the European Union and we are now a union of 26 countries with more waiting to join.

In the meantime, a lot has been happening within Europe. Other than measuring the size of tomatoes and making sure that only straight courgettes are sold within the European Union, those sitting in Brussels and elsewhere have not been idle and have perhaps realised the full union within Europe which would entail countries giving up their sovereignty is not going to be easy and may not now be the ultimate goal.

It is only right and proper that a Country keep its sovereignty in my view. Each Country is unique, it has its own culture, generally its own language and to try and do away with this and to have a common language would ultimately erode the Country upon whom it is imposed and would in my view, cause more harm than good. That said, I can see merit in a greater togetherness and clarification in certain areas such as the law in particular.

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