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Public Duty: The Case of Surav Ghai

There has been much press that I have seen recently about a trial which has commenced against a London Council, Camden Council, following the tragic death of a toddler, Saurav Ghai who was killed as he and his child minder walked along a road in Gospel Oak, an area within Camden Council.The accident occurred in January 2007. 

We are now 4 years since this tragic fatal accident and a prosecution is being brought against Camden Council on the basis that they should have realised on inspection and no doubt when I understand the wall was repaired in or about 1997, that the wall had been built at too great a height and with insufficient support compared to its height so that there was a risk of the wall collapsing as it did in this instance in high winds.This is without doubt a tragic case

Whether or not there is an appropriate verdict remains to be seen.  The penalty is likely to be a sum of money to be paid by Camden Council which of course does little to assist the grieving parents who I am sure are still grieving for the loss of their child.

The purpose of this blog is not therefore to comment on the issue of blame.  It is not my place to do so especially since the trial is still ongoing, but merely to illustrate the extent of the public duty that is owed by a body such as Camden Council which should not be underestimated.

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