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Paternity Rights and time with your new child

Recently in the news there has been a lot of coverage about paternity rights and how these may change in the future.

Fathers are often restricted in terms of time spent with their new born children as parental rights are more favourable for mothers in terms of employment. This can be a major issue where the mother is the breadwinner of the family but it is not just a monetary issue.

As a family law solictor I have dealt with a number of child related matters which include criticism of the father regarding his involvement in the early days of parenthood and the lack of skills learnt and developed during this time. I feel that fathers should take the opportunity to become as involved in parenting as soon as possible, so that children benefit from two parents with the same ability to care for their children.

The early days, weeks and months allow a special bond to be formed between child and parent and by allowing fathers greater paternity rights, this will allow them the crucial ability to stay at home assisting the mother in a parenting role and hopefully alleviate any issues that may come about from the father not being able to have an extended period of time at home. This time may become invaluable if the need arises for the father to care for children on his own.