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It's in the 'name'....or is it?

Today it has been reported that Cheryl Cole has decided not to revert back to using her maiden name, ‘Tweedy’, following her divorce from soccer star, Ashley Cole. 

As a newly-wed myself, I have a keen interest in what appears to be a growing trend - modern women retaining their maiden names following marriage.  Although the reverse is true in the Cheryl Cole scenario, the reasoning is the same as for many women in that it is career motivated.

Cheryl apparently feels as though to change her name back to ‘Tweedy’ now would be detrimental to her future career.  The lucrative ‘Cheryl Cole’ brand must continue to reign!  

To my mind, there are undoubtedly more and more women choosing not to adopt their husband’s surname upon marriage with me being one of them. For me, there were various reasons for my decision.  Whilst my career was one of the reasons, so too was my desire to maintain my links with my late grandparents whom I hold very dear.  My aging, career-minded brother will also never pass on the family name and without me clinging onto it (much to me husband’s dismay) all hope is lost!

With modern women gaining greater independence and taking an increasingly prominent role in the workplace it comes as little surprise to me that we are becoming less willing to adopt our husband’s surname in place of our own.  To my mind, why should we?

I am certainly no feminist and in fact, the compromise I struck was to double-barrel my surname. But, to my mind this is not the perfect solution.  If children enter the equation at any point, what name will they have?  And if they get married and have children of their own in the future, what name or names will they have? 

You see my point – we could end up with a situation where the next generations have names so long, it takes teachers hours to call the school register!So I tell my Husband if he wants everyone to know I am his Wife, he ought to make sure it is clear from the rock, oh sorry ‘ring’ on my finger.  Hey, it worked for me!