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Avoidable Death of Kelly McClure Following Nose Job

I have just seen the story in the Metro on the death of Kelly McClure following a nose job.

We have experience of litigation involving Edward Latimer-Sayer and his poor choice of anaesthetists. In one case, the failings were so gross, that he was suspended by the GMC while they conducted an investigation. Before a decision was reached, the anaesthetist voluntarily erased himself from the GMC register. In that case,  Mr Latimer-Sayer was performing a facelift. Among other errors, the acting anaesthetist allowed the patient's blood pressure to lower to dangerous levels without appropriately responding. Her brain was starved of oxygen for over 85 minutes and she sustained a serious brain injury. She is lucky to be alive - unlike the tragic events of McClure in today's article.
I should be surprised to read that Miss McClure's straightforward, elective cosmetic procedure could go so drastically wrong. Unfortunately, these stories are all too common. I was particularly chilled to see that yet again the surgeon failed to take basic steps to either elicit a clear history from the patient or request GP records. Either of these would have alerted the surgeon and anaesthetist to her antithrombin III deficiency. Surgery should never have been performed. 

I extend my deepest sympathies to Ms McClure's family for their tragic and avoidable loss.

Iona Meeres-Young is a clinical negligence solicitor, with a particular interest in Cosmetic Surgery Claims.