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All clinical procedures and medical operations involve some risk and while most operations are successful, surgical errors do happen. Our Clinical & Medical Negligence Solicitors deal with compensation claims for all types of surgical mistakes.

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Call our Clinical & Medical Negligence Solicitors on freephone 0800 916 9049 or claim online.

Common Surgical Error Compensation Claims

Slater and Gordon Lawyers’ expert Medical Negligence Solicitors have secured compensation in hundreds of surgical error compensation claims. Common surgical mistakes include:

  • Performing the wrong operation
  • Performing the operation in the wrong place (‘wrong site surgery’)
  • Damaging nerves or arteries
  • Damaging organs (such as the spleen, liver, bowel and bladder)
  • Failing to notice damage to organs (such as the spleen, liver, bowel and bladder
  • Damaging the bile duct during gall-bladder removal (cholecystectomy)
  • Hernia operations leading to death of a testicle
  • Leaving instruments, swabs or other items inside the body.

Surgical Errors & Mistakes after Surgery

Sometimes doctors and nurses make mistakes during the post-operative period while patients are recovering from surgery. Common medical mistakes include:

  • Failing to notice that a patient is developing infection. Contracting an infection is not always a sign of negligence but failing to note the signs of infection may be. Neglected infection can be much worse than infection treated early.
  • Failing to notice the organs, such as the bowel, are not working properly. Obstruction of the bowel can be very serious indeed.

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