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Misdiagnosis of Breast Cancer

Mistakes in falsely diagnosing breast cancer can be very serious. Breast cancer is normally diagnosed by a combination of 3 types of investigation: clinical examination, ultrasound scan or mammogram and biopsy (analysis of cells under a microscope by a pathologist). This is known as the ‘Triple Test’. Breast cancer should only be diagnosed where there results of all 3 investigations suggest that a growth is cancer.

Mistakes sometimes occur when women are told they have breast cancer when they do not. This may be because of mistakes by Pathologists in analysing cells under a microscope. Alternatively it can be because a Doctor assumes a condition is cancer despite one of the investigations being negative.

A wrong or late diagnosis of breast cancer may lead to:

  • More breast tissue being removed that necessary
  • Cosmetic deformity to the breast
  • Lymph nodes being unnecessarily removed from the armpit (axilla)
  • Lymphoedema, a disabling condition where the arm swells and becomes painful
  • Unnecessary anxiety.

Breast Cancer Compensation Claims

Medical Negligence Solicitors at Slater and Gordon Lawyers have recovered large awards of compensation where medical mistakes or clinical errors led to unnecessary diagnosis of breast cancer.

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