Since 30th April 2007, the laws on discrimination related to sexual orientation have been extended into new areas beyond just the employment sphere. Now lesbian, gay, bisexual and heterosexual people have rights in matters such as health, education, housing, adoption, goods, facilities and services.

This factsheet covers goods, facilities and services, to give you an overview of what the extended laws might mean to you in practice as a consumer, traveller, patient or parent. As of 1st October 2010, all existing equality legislation was consolidated into the Equality Act 2010 (‘The Act’). Provisions relating to equality in relation to services provision (as it is now described in ‘The Act’) is contained within Part 3 of ‘The Act’.

For information on sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace, please see our factsheet ‘Sexual Orientation – How the law protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation’, part of the Employment Law series.

Sexual orientation in goods, facilities and services