A pre-nuptial agreement (‘pre-nup’) is entered into before marriage and allows a couple to plan financially should their marriage breakdown. Pre-civil partnership agreements are similar and are available to couples about to enter into a civil partnership.

A post-nuptial agreement (‘post-nup’) is entered into after marriage, while a couple are still living together and allows a couple to plan financially should their marriage
breakdown. Civil partners can enter into a post-partnership agreement.

No one wants to believe that their marriage or civil partnership will end in divorce and these agreements are often seen as unromantic and dooming a marriage to failure. In reality however marriages and civil partnerships do breakdown and having a pre-nupital or post-nuptial agreement or pre or post-partnership agreement in place can avoid the time, expense and animosity experienced in many divorce cases.

Any further reference to pre or post nuptial agreements in this fact sheet will also be applicable to pre and post partnership agreements.

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements Legal Advice Guide