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The Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination between the sexes in the terms of their contracts of employment.

Typically, this is about matters such as salary, contractual bonus payments and benefits. Complaints about sex discrimination in employment on matters other than pay or benefits are normally brought as sex discrimination claims, rather than equal pay claims. It can sometimes be difficult to establish which is the correct claim, for example in respect of discretionary bonuses. In these cases it is usually safest to bring both claims.

The Equality Act says that women can claim equal pay with colleagues of the opposite sex where they are in the same employment and doing:

  • Work which is the same or broadly similar (which is termed ‘like work’)
  • Work rated as equivalent under an analytical job evaluation scheme (‘work rated as equivalent’)
  • Work which is different but which is of equal value in terms of demands of the jobs (‘work of equal value’).


Equal Pay Legal Advice Guide