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Chemicals and other hazardous substances in the workplace can lead to serious health problems. If you've been affected, talk to our specialist chemical poisoning compensation solicitors.

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What is chemical poisoning at work?

Chemical poisoning is the term used to describe the effects of exposure to a broad range of substances, including:

  • Dangerous chemicals and products containing chemicals
  • Vapour, fume or dust from hazardous materials
  • A wide variety of industrial gases
  • Bacteria, viruses and other biological agents

Exposure to any of these chemicals or by-products can lead to a variety of serious illnesses including:

If you believe you've been made ill by any form of chemical poisoning at work, or have suffered from symptoms including breathing difficulties, wheezing, coughing, sickness, or dizziness, talk to a chemical poisoning solicitor right away.

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Does my employer have a duty of care?

Every employer has a duty of care to protect employees from suffering chemical poisoning in the workplace.

Where your employer failed to foresee the harm that could be caused by your occupation, or provide the protective gear specified, they could be said to have failed in their duty of care. Read more on the health and safety regulations designed to protect you in the workplace.

Do I need a specialist chemical poisoning solicitor?

Chemical poisoning is quite a specialised area of the law, so it makes sense to deal with solicitors who have extensive experience and a track record of successful chemical poisoning compensation claims.

We employs specialist chemical poisoning solicitors who understand the impact that a diagnosis of industrial disease can have on victims and their families, and aim to be as considerate and supportive as possible throughout the claims process.

Contact us on 0330 041 5869 or online here about a chemical poisoning compensation claim.

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