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Many of us enjoy activities and trips during our holiday, whether it be a scuba diving trip, day out involving a boat ride, water sports, or paragliding.

If something goes wrong, and you sustain an injury, it may be possible for you to pursue a civil claim for compensation here in England or Wales against the tour operator, if the excursion formed part of your package holiday.

In many cases, excursions are booked through the tour operators' representative in the resort. These are usually brought to your attention at the welcome meeting and booked through the representative in the resort.

We tend to put our trust in the rep when purchasing these excursions in a country unfamiliar to us and we are often led to believe that these excursions are being operated by the tour operator. Unfortunately, what we are finding more and more is that, when our clients return from holiday and complain to the tour operators, they often point to the small print that indicates the tour operators are only acting as agents for the local excursion provider and, when something goes wrong in these circumstances, the tour operators do not want to get involved.

We have seen a rise in this type of issue and we are regularly advising our clients on how best to successfully counter this line of denial.

If you are one of those unfortunate people who have been involved in an accident whilst on an excursion then you will often have a choice on whether to bring a claim in England or in the country where the accident occurred. Our wealth of experience and worldwide network of lawyers allows us to advise our clients where best to start court proceedings.

This is an increasingly complex area of law, and our specialist team can guide you through the process.

What Should You Do if You Are Injured During an Excursion?

If you suffer an accident whilst on an excursion during your package holiday, take the following steps to help us help you:

  • Keep all documents relating to the booking of the trip and the excursion so we can review them for you; 
  • Report your injury to the tour operator in resort, and ask for them to record the complaint in writing and give you a copy; 
  • Take photographs of where the accident happened, to help us understand the mechanics of it; 
  • Take photographs of any defects you consider were to blame for your accident; 
  • Take names and addresses of any witnesses to your accident and ask them if they would be happy for us to contact them;
  • If your excursion was booked through the rep, as soon as possible after your accident make a written note of your recollection of what you were told at the excursion and who you were booking with, ensuring you make a note of the rep's name;
  • If possible, ask other guests who went on the excursion or attended the welcome meeting to give you their contact details so they can back up your account of what was said by the rep.

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