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Shuiken Chan

Shuiken Chan

Associate and Head of RTA Scotland

I qualified as a solicitor in 2003 with one of the top personal injury law firms in Scotland, dealing mainly with pursuer cases raised in the Court of Session.

Get to know Shuiken

I have been with Slater and Gordon since 2022, and I currently lead a highly regarded team of RTA personal injury specialists in Scotland. I am an experienced litigator, and I litigate cases in the All-Scotland Personal Injury Court in Edinburgh and in the local Sheriff Courts across Scotland.

I have a niche interest in cases where clients have been injured in road traffic accidents, including cycling accidents. I have also acted in cases where clients have been injured at work and where clients have been injured in public spaces. In addition, I have acted for several membership organisations including the Scottish Police Federation and Cycling UK.

I am particularly strong in the area of organisation and attention to detail. I am known for being friendly and approachable, and I am a passionate and hard-working individual.

Career highlights

I have a fierce determination to obtain the best possible damages awards and settlements that I can for clients. Therefore, every case in which I can help clients achieve the best possible outcome is a great highlight for me. Here are just a few examples of clients for whom I have successfully secured damages awards and settlements:

  • A police officer and his colleague were in their police car, in pursuit of a suspect who had turned up at Asda assaulting staff members and later returned brandishing an axe attempting to gain entry to the store. Later, while the police officers were outside their vehicle, the suspect reversed at speed towards them. As the police officers were trying to get back into their vehicle to avoid getting run over, the accused rammed the rear of his vehicle into the back of the police car, resulting in injuries to my client.
  • A woman was out on a Friday night with her husband celebrating his birthday at one of Edinburgh's trendiest bars. One of the bartenders behind the bar was using a blow torch to light a cocktail. As he was doing so, the woman's hair, face and jacket became engulfed in flames, and she sustained burn injuries.
  • An elderly lady and her family were making their way from their caravan to a restaurant during their stay at a holiday park. Due to a broken light, this lady unwittingly deviated from the path and fell to her injury in the dark after tripping over a tree stump in a flowerbed.
  • A man was working as a hotel sous-chef. As he was removing Yorkshire puddings from the oven, he slipped on a slippery surface in the kitchen, causing the hot oil from the baking tray to spill onto his forearm, and he suffered burns. The shoes that his employers had provided him with had soles which were worn and their grip was insufficient.
  • A man was employed as a warehouse operative. He was standing in an aisle loading a case into his own cage. His colleague was operating a Low Level Order Picker in the same aisle as him. His colleague pulled away from his spot and as he was turning, a cage on the back of the Picker struck my client across the back.
  • A woman had been out for a walk with the dog. As she was making her way back to her cottage she caught her foot on an exposed ridge of farm ground, causing her to fall and strike her knee on a concrete area beyond the ridge.


In the courtroom, I am tenacious. In a written judgment, a Sheriff of Court noted “I admired Ms Chan's tenacity in her robust cross-examination” of the other side's expert witness.

Outside the courtroom, I am driven to secure the best possible settlements that I can for clients. In a tripping case, just before the pre-trial meeting the defenders put their very first offer on the table. By the end of the pre-trial meeting, I had managed to get the defenders to double their offer. My instructing agents gave feedback on the result, stating "I am really very grateful for all your help in bringing this one to conclusion. It was a less than straightforward case and you have secured an excellent result, and one I didn't expect.”

The extra mile

For 4 years I sat on the Client Relations Committee of The Law Society of Scotland, deciding on complaints of client dissatisfaction arising out of professional misconduct and inadequate professional service. I was also a Reporter to the Law Society investigating complaints. Against that background, the standard of client care that clients deserve to receive, is always very much at the forefront of all my endeavours.

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