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Medical Negligence

Joanne Basa


I am a registered nurse with experience in critical care, clinical research and clinical informatics.

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Career highlights

I am quite humbled being a nurse, because of how rewarding the role has been, despite its many challenges. Having seen another side of nursing by doing clinical research and clinical informatics, I came to realise that there are various ways to be a nurse and help people.

Part of that other side made me appreciate the intersection of other industries such as technologies that helps clinicians do their job better, and the research that gets done before a drug or a test becomes licensed.

The culmination of healthcare, technological innovations and now the legal perspective has been great for my learning, and I go to work constantly looking forward to learning more.

The extra mile

I remain in current practice as a registered adult nurse in the NMC, and I am a member of the Royal College of Nursing and the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

I am also a clinical safety officer, having been trained to assess the safety and effectiveness of clinical software and undertake the required clinical risk management activities and documentation before it is rolled out in a healthcare organisation.

Contact Joanne

Telephone: 0161 383 3500
Office: Manchester

Area of specialism

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