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Personal Injury

Alicia Rendell

Principal Lawyer

It’s extremely rewarding to help so many clients whose lives have changed as a result of a serious accident.

Expert profile of Alicia Rendell

Get to know Alicia

I began my career in law in 1980 and qualified as a solicitor in 1987, specialising in personal injury and industrial disease.

I joined Slater and Gordon (then Pannone Solicitors) in 1999 as a partner and have a vast amount of experience in high value and complex accident and occupational disease work.

I specialise in serious accidents involving fatalities, head, back amputation and multiple injuries, loss of vision, severe burns and psychological damage.

Career highlights

During my career I’ve acted in several landmark cases involving industrial accidents and have worked on many complex and fascinating cases.

One case involved the negligent transmission of the HIV virus. At the time, this was the only known case of this kind. I won my client damages from the estate of the defendant who, despite being medically qualified, negligently infected his partner with the HIV virus whilst hiding symptoms of his own advanced HIV disease and wrongly asserting that his own status was HIV negative. My client was a talented actor and musician who lost his health and his career just as it was taking off. It was very satisfying to achieve a settlement in this unique, fascinating and very deserving case.

Another notable case was Smith v British Aerospace. This case involved an employers’ duty to provide safe means of access for employees and I won this case at the Court of Appeal.

Also, the case of Bhatt v Fontain Motors which was a case involving the interpretation of the Work at Height Regulations 2005. I won this case at the Court of Appeal in 2010.

More recently, I represented the mother of Ayman Faisal, who was just two years old when he was left with severe burns to his mouth, throat and stomach when he managed to open and drink a bottle of caustic soda in a shop. Here Ayman's mother talks about their ordeal.

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