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Survivor of cycling collision, Tracey, tells her story

Tracey suffered severe injuries when she was involved in cycling collision. Watch her story and how Slater and Gordon helped.

26 August 2021

Tracey has always been a keen road cyclist. One evening when on a bike ride near her home, she was involved in a cycling collision when another vehicle hit her.

Tracey woke up in Addenbrooke's Hospital a week later to discover that she had suffered a broken pelvis, a fractured spine, concussion, a broken cheekbone and a severely damaged elbow which had to be reconstructed.

Tracey was kept in a coma for a week while operations were performed on her and she spent a total of six weeks in hospital.

When Tracey was still in hospital, Slater and Gordon's name came up and her partner contacted them. A solicitor visited Tracey and talked her through every single step.

The driver of the vehicle at fault for the cycling accident said that Tracey had 'bunny hopped' her, but a forensics expert was instructed to prepare a report which proved that this was not the case and the judge threw it out of court as it was evident the driver was lying.

Tracey was extremely pleased with the service provided by Slater and Gordon. She said "It was a breeze because they looked after everything, they did everything, they organised everything."

"If I had a friend or anybody that I knew who was in the same situation as me, I would recommend Slater and Gordon to anybody as they're there to help you and make the whole process a lot easier."

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