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When people think of contesting a Will then this is often the part of Inheritance Law that they think of first. As large numbers of people don't make a Will, it's increasingly common for people who should have inherited to get nothing at all. The Intestacy Rules can be a harsh process for people who do not benefit.

Alternatively, people may have had a Will written many years ago and failed to change it when their personal circumstances changed, causing hardship to surviving family members.

Our Contentious Probate Solicitors can help you bring a claim against the Will under the Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependants) Act 1975, as this Act allows people that have been left out of a Will to bring a claim.

Who Can Claim When Not Mentioned in a Will?

  • A surviving spouse or civil partner
  • Former spouses or civil partners
  • Cohabitees (if you lived together as man and wife for over two years)
  • Children of the person that died
  • People treated as children of the family
  • People that were dependant on the person that died

What Can Be Claimed?

This varies depending on the individual case. As a basic rule, spouses/civil partners are entitled to the most generous provision and other claimants to “reasonable provision.”

Time Limit for Claiming Against a Will in the UK

Claims against an estate must be brought within six months of the Administration Grant being issued by the Probate Registry.

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