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If you are due to get an Inheritance from an Estate then you may become concerned that the people Administering the Will, the Executor/s, are not doing their job properly.

Inheritance Law protects beneficiaries in a number of ways from mismanagement of the Estate by the Administrator/s. The Law imposes heavy responsibilities and where those are breached, the Estate Administrators may become personally liable for the losses sustained by the Estate.

Common examples of breach of duty include:

  • Selling property at undervalue
  • Failing to dispose of assets before they lose their value
  • Using estate assets for their own purposes
  • Investing in unauthorised assets
  • Failing to account for profits
  • Failing to act impartially
  • Failure to invest prudently, or at all
  • Paying out in the wrong order
  • Paying out the wrong amount
  • Paying out the wrong person

A Contentious Probate Solicitor can discuss your situation with you to see if the Administrators have breached any of their duties. We can take urgent steps to protect the Estate by seeking an injunction or bringing an Action, in what the Law calls Devastavit; to recover any losses.

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