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How to Contest or Dispute a Will

Inheritance claims are far broader than simply contesting or disputing a Will because Inheritance Laws give a variety of options depending on the different situations that people find themselves in.

For example, people who want to contest a Will often tell us:

We have experience in acting for disappointed beneficiaries, family members, executors, trustees, personal representatives and administrators on either side of a contentious probate matter.

Due to the nature of contesting a will, we will look to settle claims without having to go to court unless it is absolutely necessary. As an alternative to court, we successfully use various types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as mediation to settle cases at an early stage of a claim to avoid the delay and expense of court proceedings as well as the inherent stress that such proceedings place on individuals.

As in any litigation, we know that the level of costs incurred by all sides involved is of paramount concern to clients. The costs involved in dealing with disputed Wills and other inheritance disputes in the courts can be high. We strive to obtain the best result for our clients in the most cost effective manner. Where appropriate we are able to offer No Win No Fee agreements. 

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