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At Slater and Gordon our Employment Law Solicitors are very familiar with the pitfalls in employment contracts. We are ideally placed to advise you on any problems you may have with a new or existing employment contract, including providing you with speedy and concise advice on specific problems in your contract, helping you negotiate new terms, or representing you in any dispute with your employer.

Employment Contract Solicitors

Other firms of solicitors, and accountancy firms, along with their partners and staff, recommend us to their clients. We know the tactics used by employers and their contract Lawyers in the development of employee contracts and consultancy agreements. We have the all the necessary experience and technical expertise to anticipate and successfully deal with any employment contract problems you may have.

Employment Contract Review Service

Right from the start Slater and Gordon’s expert contract Lawyers can help you. We can review the employment contract you are offered in your new job, provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what you are being asked to sign, and help to negotiate the best terms for you.

We will make sure your employment contract meets all legal requirements, drafting the clauses of every aspect of your contract, including salary package, commission, profit sharing, bonus, share schemes and options, holiday allowance, health insurance, flexible working arrangements, working overseas, mobility, appropriate termination provisions and Restrictive Covenants.

Employment contract disputes can arise when the interpretation of a contract is unclear, when an employer wants to change the terms of a contract, or if a contract is jeopardised by unforeseen circumstances, such as the sale of a business.

When there has been a change of employer because of a business sale or transfer, your new employer may attempt to make changes to Contractual Rights, which are protected under the Law. Whatever problem you have with your employment contract, our Solicitors have the expertise to ensure that you can get the most out of your contractual rights.

Employment Contract Expert Guides

Our Contract Lawyers have prepared two free online Expert Guides to help you right now, see Post Termination Restrictive Covenants & Permanent Health Insurance or call freephone 0800 916 9060 to speak with an Employment Contract Lawyer.

Disciplinary Hearing Representation

If you are facing an employment disciplinary hearing and you have no trade-union representative, we can provide you with our specialist Executive Reps service.

Employment contract problems can also be at the root of formal grievances with your employer. Our Lawyers can guide you through the grievance process from start to finish to ensure procedures followed are correct and fair.

Call our Employment Contract Lawyers on freephone 0800 916 9060 or contact us online.

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