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As award-winning Employment Solicitors for whistleblowing expertise, at Slater and Gordon Lawyers we have considerable experience representing individual whistleblowers in cases ranging from financial malpractice in the City, to NHS whistleblowers, senior executives, teachers and public sector officials.

Our approach is not simply to provide legal representation for employees victimised after blowing the whistle, but also to help before the event, by offering practical advice and assistance in how to report public interest concerns in the best way to avoid difficulties and to protect against reprisals.

Some of the whistleblowing cases we have been involved in have attracted widespread publicity, raising the profile of whistleblowers and the importance of proper safeguards nationally. By far the majority of whistleblowers have remained anonymous, but with remedial action taken by employers about the concern raised and also to put right the wrong done to the whistleblowing employee.

The law regulating whistleblowing under The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) is complex. In litigation, our clients have often faced robust defence by employers, as the potential damage to reputation caused by losing a case and the damages awarded can be significant.

It's not uncommon for employers to argue that the treatment of the employee was for some other reason, for example, an individual's performance, misconduct or because of a genuine redundancy.

If you are thinking about bringing your concerns about unlawful activity in the workplace to your employer's attention, or you feel that after raising a concern you are being treated unfairly, we recommend that you get expert legal advice from a specialist employment Lawyer as soon as possible to maximise your protection under the law.

To qualify for protection, it is not necessary for the wrongdoing actually to occur, so long as the whistleblower has a reasonable belief that the information tends to show the wrongdoing.

Have I Got a Claim for Whistleblowing?

If you have been bullied or experienced detrimental repercussions after raising concerns about wrongdoing, and you would like to know if you have a claim for whistleblowing, just fill in our online whistleblowing contact form, and answer some questions. One of our Employment Lawyers will then give you a brief initial telephone call to discuss your claim. This service is free and 100% confidential.

Whistleblowing & Your Legal Rights

We have prepared an online legal advice guide about whistleblowing and your legal right to speak out when something is wrong, please read Whistleblowing.

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Bounty Claims for Whistleblowing in the US

Slater and Gordon Lawyers also work closely with specialist US lawyers in bringing bounty Claims in the USA. This is in addition to or instead of any claims in the UK. 

Where whistleblowers provide US regulators with original information that leads to a company or organisation being fined, the whistleblower can be awarded a substantial share of the fine – the “Bounty” award. 

Read about this with our expert guide to bounty claims. 

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