Slater and Gordon Lawyers offer legal advice on every stage of a team move, including representing you if you are threatened with an injunction or Court proceedings. Call our Employment Solicitors on freephone 0161 830 9642 or contact us online.

As the No. 1 ranked Lawyers for employees Slater and Gordon's Employment Lawyers* are best-placed to help and advise you.

We are very familiar with the pitfalls for teams of employees moving between employers. Employee team moves can be a complex area, and so to manage it successfully, avoiding litigation where possible, our Employment Solicitors can help you through the complete process.

When an entire team of employees move to a new employer, it's a high impact event for the employees and organisations involved. It often raises substantial legal issues which need to be addressed and resolved quickly.

Our Employment Solicitors are experts in dealing with the many difficulties that can arise by team moves between employers. These often include various restrictions that can appear in employment contracts. In these cases we apply our extensive employment contract knowledge to assist you in negotiations with your employer, and advise you on the best strategy in your particular circumstances.

When negotiations have gone wrong, or the employer simply will not let a team move without a fight, we also have the expertise to deal with Applications for Injunctions and claims for damages on your behalf.

If the move is not contentious, we can help with everything from reviewing the current contract and advising on the scope and enforceability of restrictive covenants, to reviewing new employment contracts, and advising teams and individuals on the new terms on offer.

If you are having difficulties with a team move to a new employer, Slater and Gordon Lawyers can provide expert legal advice on everything from negotiating an exit and signing off any releases or compromise agreements, to handling litigation at short notice and in an emergency.

Immediate legal representation is available anywhere in the UK. Our contact centre is open 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Call our Employment Law Solicitors on freephone 0161 830 9642 or contact us online.

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*Slater and Gordon's Employment Lawyers are top ranked in the 2016 Chambers & Partners legal directory.