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Your pension scheme is one of the most important investments in your life, and you have a right to make sure that your benefits are fully protected. Contact our specialist pensions law solicitors if you have any worries about how your pension scheme is being run.

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What are my rights when it comes to my pension?

Pension schemes are quite rightly protected by stringent legislation to ensure that your rights and benefits are properly protected. However, in a constantly shifting pensions landscape, changes may be made to your scheme that are detrimental to your final pension and mistakes are also frequently made with regards to issues such as pension overpayments.

Your pension is quite probably the most valuable investment you have after your home; so you really can't afford to leave too much to chance when your future income and lifestyle is at stake.

If you've any concerns or issues regarding your pension fund or pension scheme, speak to one of our specialist pensions law solicitors right away. They have the experience to advise you on your rights, as well as to mount legal challenges when the administrators of your scheme are failing in their duty.

What if I haven't been offered automatic enrolment?

Even if you're the only employee of a company – other than one you operate alone – and are between the age of 22 and the current state pension age, and you earn over £10,000 a year, your employer is legally bound to offer you automatic enrolment into a contributory pension scheme. Your employer could be breaking pension laws if they haven't:

  • Offered you a workplace pension if you're eligible
  • Paid an agreed amount into that scheme
  • Taken pension payouts from staff wages
  • Given you the chance to opt out of the scheme
  • Ensured that payments start when you reach retirement
  • Honoured due payments to family or dependents of a deceased scheme member

If you've any concerns about your workplace pension - including questions about why this hasn't been offered to you - call us on 0330 041 5869 or contact us and we'll call you.

What pension issues can you help with?

Our specialist pension law solicitors offer an in-depth understanding of every aspect of pension regulations. Importantly, they can advise you and act for you with regards to issues with public sector schemes as well as company and private pensions. Some of the pensions-related matters we've advised our clients on include:

  • Pension disputes concerning the interpretation of pension scheme rules
  • Pension law issues relating to changes to private sector pension schemes that are adverse to the interests of employees/scheme members, for example relating to contribution levels, rates of increases
  • Employers' and pension scheme administrators' negligent advice, failure to advise employees or pension scheme members about pension rights and benefits and/or changes to the same
  • Pension disputes and appeals concerning access to ill-health retirement benefits
  • Pension disputes concerning overpayments
  • Challenging rules and provisions in pension schemes which are discriminatory and or in breach of Human Rights legislation
  • Pensions Group Litigation and dispute resolution

If you've any questions or concerns about your pension rights and wish to speak to an experienced pensions law solicitor, call us on 0330 041 5869 or contact us and we'll call you.

Pension Litigation for Group Actions

Slater and Gordon's expert team of group litigation lawyers specialise in pension litigation group actions.

In fact, our group litigation lawyers are currently investigating the possibility of legal action against regarding Income Choice Annuity Products. We're doing so on behalf of anyone in the UK who may have been mis-sold the Income Choice Annuity product from Prudential Insurance.

If you think that this might affect you, call us on 0330 041 5869 or contact us and we'll call you.

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