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We work with clients whose employment roles require them to travel frequently and to be based in the UK or overseas from time to time. We find that more and more of our UK-based clients require professional advice from an overseas lawyer at some point during negotiation or litigation.

We are founding members of the Lawyers International network for Employees and Executives, LINEE and are committed to providing a seamless service to clients working with professional advisers overseas.

Unlike other law firms, Slater and Gordon Lawyers only represent individuals, be they executive or non-executive directors, senior managers, partners and members of professional organisations or shareholders. This gives us a unique perspective when facing, as we regularly do, some of the largest organisations in the world.

Whether your situation is amicable or highly contentious, we can help. For more information download and print our legal advice guide on Dismissal of International Executives.

Why Seek Advice from Lawyers in the UK?

Contractual Issues

In employment contracts governed by UK law and subject to the UK Courts, contractual issues we typically advise upon are:

  • Breach of contract
  • Wrongful dismissal (termination of contract by the employer without giving or paying the correct notice period) 
  • Bonuses 
  • Shares/Pensions/Carry arrangements
  • Post-termination restrictive covenants
  • Non-competes 
  • Team moves 
  • Company Redundancy payments

Statutory Claims

Seeking advice in relation to whether you can pursue a claim in the Employment Tribunals in the UK, because your employment has a connection with the UK even if you are not based here.   

Statutory claims we typically advise upon are:

  • Unfair Dismissal 
  • Whistle-blowing (detrimental treatment/dismissal for disclosing illegal acts or malpractice by your employer or colleagues) 
  • Discrimination (because of race, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion/belief, marital status, gender reassignment)
  • Unlawful deductions from wages (which can include failure to pay salary or bonus)

Our Recent International Employment Cases

  • Advising on and negotiating the departure of a senior executive at a global investment bank who was based in London but spent significant amounts of time in New York. Potential discrimination claims in both jurisdictions were considered in the context of this highly remunerated individual.
  • Negotiating the severance package of a CEO based in Dubai where there were two agreements involved – one under Dubai law and one under the law of England & Wales
  • Advising on the return to work and redundancy in the UK of executives on secondment overseas.
  • Advising on a bonus claim where our client was based in Sweden but had a contract governed by UK law and jurisdiction.
  • Advising on potential sex discrimination claims for a senior executive at a multinational company based in Dubai.
  • Advising on the exit of a senior executive where the employment contract and compromise agreement was subject to UK law but shareholder agreements, sale and purchase documentation and share option documentation were subject to Swiss law.

Other Legal Areas Where We Can Help You

We are also expert in advising International Executives on matters involving:

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