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Slater and Gordon Lawyers have acted in leading test cases including Bernadette Cadman v Health and Safety Executive.

Pay discrimination between the sexes in the terms of their contracts of employment is unlawful. This typically occurs in salary, bonus payments and benefits.

Employees can claim equal pay with colleagues of the opposite sex when they are in the same employment and doing:

•    Work that is the same or broadly similar.
•    Work rated as equivalent under an analytical job evaluation. 
•    Work that is different but of equal value in terms of demands.

Although it's more than 45 years since the Equal Pay Act 1970 outlawed discriminatory pay practices, the gender gap remains. Official statistics show the disparity to be about 19 per cent, with the differences caused by such discriminatory practices as the employment of women in traditionally low-paid sectors, and by the uneven burden that childcare responsibilities place on women.

Equal Pay Expert Guide

Our Employment Solicitors have written a legal advice guide about Equal Pay which you can download and print.

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