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Facing a disciplinary hearing can be one of the most stressful events possible in the workplace. A bad outcome at a disciplinary meeting has the potential to damage jobs, careers and potentially more. Our Executive Reps service provides invaluable support at such a crucial time.

Employees attend disciplinary hearings because either an allegation of misconduct has been made against then, or their employer has concerns about their performance; or both. The employer could, for example, have called a meeting to investigate a complaint by a co-worker or a manager, or the company itself may have issues it wishes to address.

Often, it can be difficult for an employee facing a disciplinary hearing to understand what their employer’s motives really are. It could genuinely be attempting to sort out an issue, or simply be ‘going through the motions’ in order to justify a decision it has already made, such as to demote or dismiss an employee.

A single employee is at a huge disadvantage in a disciplinary hearing against their employer and is often outnumbered. An organised employer can also have a tactical advantage. A great deal more is at stake for the employee than for the employer, particularly if the employee is senior, and the employer has easy access to all records and the ability to control the information presented.

Employees may be allowed to be supported by a work colleague at a hearing. However, in practice it can be hard to find a co-worker willing to support you. Although it's common for a work colleague to be sympathetic to the situation of the person undergoing the disciplinary procedure, many employees are reluctant to “rock the boat” in matters relating to their employment. Many employees may not even be willing to ask a colleague to support them in a disciplinary hearing out of concern of putting themselves in an awkward position.

Slater and Gordon's Executive Reps provides you with an experienced union representative to accompany you at your disciplinary meeting, make notes and provide you with much-needed psychological support at a crucial time.

Legal representation at such meetings is rarely permitted by an employer, which makes having an experienced official at hand, even more useful.

The appointment of an Executive Rep is a show of strength which can turn the tables on the employer. It will help if any dispute arises over what was said and also allow you to adjourn and discuss any issues or concerns with your experienced Executive Rep. It can also help in any later negotiations by showing that you are well connected and prepared for any dispute.

The service may be particularly useful to senior employees, where employers may be less comfortable when the Executive is not alone and the Executive may have even more at stake as a result of the disciplinary process; or for any employee who needs extra support. Getting the approach right from the start can often pay dividends.

Legal Advice Guide to Disciplinary Hearings

Employment Solicitors at Slater and Gordon have written a legal advice guide to help you understand more about Disciplinary Hearings.

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