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Slater and Gordon Lawyers have assisted many new fathers and partners in paternity discrimination at work cases.

Our approach is primarily a diplomatic one as many paternity issues can be resolved through our Solicitors on an informal basis, without the need for litigation. However, should the need arise our team has the experience and knowledge of more robust forms of dispute resolution to ensure the best outcome possible.

The arrival of a new baby is a time of change for the whole family. All family members need and appreciate time to get to know the new baby, and it's a time when everyone, especially the mother, needs extra support and care.

Unfortunately many employers are not aware of the legal rights that employees have to paternity leave. It's not uncommon for employers to be less accepting of requests for leave or flexible working from fathers or partners than from mothers.

Our team of Paternity Discrimination Solicitors can help you deal with paternity issues at work. We also offer a free, confidential review of your case by a Solicitor.

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Paternity Rights in England, Scotland & Wales

New fathers (natural and adoptive) or the mother's partner (male or female) have a legal entitlement to two weeks paternity leave paid at the statutory rate.

In addition to paternity leave, fathers/partners may also be entitled to take additional paternity leave of up to 26 weeks.

There may be other work issues for fathers and partners at this demanding time, such as wanting to work more flexibly. Fathers have been entitled since 2011 to take additional paternity leave, which is effectively where the mother returns to work at any time after her first six months or so of maternity leave, but before her full year entitlement is up; the father can then take the remainder of the time. This is not a well publicised legal right but it is an important one.

If you are experiencing paternity discrimination at work, our expert Solicitors can help you to solve the problems, either through careful and sensitive negotiation with your employer, or through more formal litigation.

Paternity Discrimination Expert Guide

Our Solicitors have prepared a free online Expert Guide to help you, please read our Paternity Rights at Work guide.

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