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Slater and Gordon Lawyers’ team has considerable expertise in handling shareholder disputes on behalf of senior employees. With our knowledge of all aspects of employment contracts, our Employment Law Solicitors have extensive knowledge and expertise of the issues and conflicts that can occur when you hold shares or options in the company you work for.

Share Options & Shareholder Agreement Lawyers

Shares and options commonly form part of the benefits package for senior business executives. Every shareholder agreement is different and unique, but most will cover certain key issues, such as the quantity of shares to be granted, the value to be placed on them, any restrictions on sale, and the position of shares and options upon termination of employment.

Shareholder Agreement Disputes

Unfortunately, many disputes can arise concerning shareholder agreements. These are frequently triggered by the way in which the agreement is implemented, particularly following termination of employment. Shareholder disputes on termination often involve the sale of shares on departure from the company, frequently because of restrictions regarding the timing of share sales, or to whom they may be sold. Further complications can arise because certain restrictive covenants in the employment contract of a departing executive can also be contained within the shareholder agreement.

Shareholder Agreement Problems

We can identify specific problems contained within your shareholder agreement, articles of association and other documents governing your share holdings and we provide urgent reviews if you are suddenly facing the termination of a contractual relationship. We are often instructed by people who want to ensure their agreements covering options and shares are clearly and fairly drafted, so we can help you to protect your position and avoid disputes at a later date.

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