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Prescription drug errors statistics show that over 40,000 prescription or medication errors occur in the NHS each year.

Many medication errors cause harm only for a short period, but some result in serious injury, illness and even death. Prescription mistakes can be made by GPs or hospital doctors writing the wrong letter on a prescription or chart; or by pharmacies giving out the wrong drugs. Most dispensing errors occur at the chemist although a growing number take place in nursing and care homes.

Common Prescription Drug Error Mistakes

  • Wrong dose/strength of a drug sometimes leading to overdose
  • Wrong drug
  • Wrong patient
  • Incorrect labels
  • Computer error
  • Warfarin/Heparin dose errors leading to pulmonary embolism and death
  • Drugs administered intravenously instead of intramuscularly

Children & Medication Errors

Children are particularly vulnerable to prescription or medication mistakes. When prescribing or dispensing drugs to a child, it's important to always consider their age and weight to determine a safe dosage. Sadly, this is not always done by the doctor.

Our Approach to Prescription Error Claims

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have secured compensation in a large number of successful claims where prescription, medication and dispensing errors have caused injury, disability or loss.

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Call our Clinical & Medical Negligence Solicitors on freephone 0800 916 9049 or claim online.

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