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There are times when the care given to elderly and vulnerable people is unacceptably poor, and sadly care home residents may be injured as a result of negligence. 

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Common Care Home Claims include:

•    Pressure ulcers and pressure sores
•    Medication errors
•    Injuries and fractures from falls or handling errors

Pressure Sore Claims

Pressure sores or ulcers can develop where a patient’s skin is in contact with the bed for a long period of time. Plaster sores can also form where a plaster is put on incorrectly after a fracture. The risk is higher where a patient is elderly, ill, immobile or diabetic, and if their skin is in poor condition. Pressure sores can be very serious. They can be painful and take a long time to heal, and some do not heal at all. They can lead to infection, and they can restrict the patient’s ability to walk or move.

Medication & Prescription Error Claims

Elderly people are particularly vulnerable to prescription or medical errors. Some people may not be aware of what the correct prescription should be, and people who are frail may be more vulnerable to the effects of the wrong medication.

Injuries & Fractures from Falls & Handling Errors

Elderly people may be vulnerable to injuries from falls in care homes, particularly if they are not provided with appropriate mobility aids or adequately supervised. Sometimes careless handling can cause injuries. Not every injury in a care home is caused by negligence, but some accidents are avoidable with proper care.

Care & Nursing Home Compensation Claims

Slater and Gordon Lawyers’ expert medical negligence team has recovered large awards of compensation from accidents in care homes. These have included:

  • Failure to prevent pressure sores by providing an adequate mattress, necessary equipment or a proper turning regime
  • Failure to ensure that residents have wheelchairs or walking frames to hand
  • Careless handling when transferring residents between beds, chairs, etc.
  • Medication errors

Importance of Care Home Compensation Claims

Compensation may be very important for the quality of life of people who develop disability because of pressure sores or plaster sores. Compensation can enable them to have:

  • Private medical treatment, avoiding delays and in greater comfort than in NHS hospitals
  • Nursing care at home
  • Help with housework
  • Money to make good any loss of earnings

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Compassion in Care

Slater and Gordon Lawyers support the work done by Eileen Chubb and the charity Compassion in Care.

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