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Richard Crabtree has been shortlisted for a CBIT Diamond Award 2022

Principal lawyer and specialist in child brain injury, Richard Crabtree, has been shortlisted for the Outstanding Individual Supporter award at the CBIT Diamond Awards to take place on 4 March 2022.

19 January 2022

Richard Crabtree

We're extremely proud to announce that principal lawyer and child brain injury specialist, Richard Crabtree has been shortlisted to receive an award for Outstanding Individual Supporter at the CBIT Diamond Awards on 4 March 2022.

Richard has a longstanding relationship with CBIT and has been a passionate advocate for the charity and its work for over 20 years. His support ranges from using his professional expertise to assist the charity and its beneficiaries in practical ways, through to raising awareness of the organisation’s work and fundraising with compassion and understanding.

While working in the field of acquired brain injury for over two decades, Richard has always demonstrated an innovative approach to raising awareness of brain injuries in children.

Richard first became involved with CBIT in 2000. He was moved to act when working on a claim for a young boy who sustained a serious head injury. The young boy’s mother and Richard joined forces and set up a CBIT group in the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Richard was also involved in the fundraising group for CBIT based in Manchester. Seven years ago, he established the famous “Crabtree’s Curry”, and now holds an annual event where many representatives from the legal community attend to raise money for CBIT. It's estimated that this has raised over £10,000.00 for the charity.

Over the years, as well as working hard to support families outside the legal process by running these support groups and supporting the charity’s various projects and events, he has also driven much-needed fundraising for the organisation. In addition, he has been involved in organising training sessions for APIL’s Brain Injury Special Interest Group to provide speakers on various topics associated with ABI with a view increasing expertise throughout the legal community in this field of work. During recent lockdowns, Richard made a major contribution in moving this training online so that the Group could continue its valuable work despite the circumstances.

In addition, Richard has driven awareness of CBIT’s work within Slater and Gordon, ensuring that colleagues are informed, engaged, and inspired by the organisation’s work and aware of what they can do to help CBIT meet its objectives. Richard’s support for CBIT has become a great example of what lawyers and support staff in law firms can achieve when they go the extra mile to support organisations that benefit both from their passion and expertise.

We would like to congratulate Richard for being shortlisted for this award. We believe he thoroughly deserves this recognition and wish him the best of luck at the award ceremony on 4 March 2022.

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