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15 year old suffers brain injury in road collision

Our client was 15 years old when he was hit by a car as he crossed a road to retrieve a football. Read more about his story.

19 July 2021

Young man sat looking at football field

Adam* was 15 years old when he went into the road to retrieve his football and was hit by a car.

He was immediately taken to hospital where it was uncovered he had a compound fracture to his right leg and underwent surgery to fix this with rods. He also suffered a concussive head injury which resulted in post-concussional syndrome with ongoing headaches and has been diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder.

Since the incident, he has made a good recovery, but still continues to suffer from residual symptoms. CBT counselling and pain management treatment have been recommended by medical experts.

Adam's parents contacted Slater and Gordon to pursue a personal injury claim on behalf of their son. The insurer of the driver at fault initially strongly denied responsibility, saying Adam was partly to blame for being in the road. We fought this by obtaining evidence from witnesses and also medical expert evidence from an orthopaedic, neurosurgeon, neuropsychologist, neurologist and pain expert for Adam's injuries. We arranged for Adam to have an MRI scan which was recommended by his medical team before issuing court proceedings against the driver responsible.

The insurer's legal representatives then presented us with an offer to settle the case, and Adam accepted this.

We offered advice to Adam's parents on setting up a personal injury trust as well as investment advice from our in house financial planning company should they need this in the future.

Adam's compensation will allow him to receive the specialist treatment and rehabilitation he needs to continue on his journey to recovery as well as any future treatment needs.

*Client's name changed for the purpose of anonymity.

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