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Moped rider suffers brain injury as a result of collision

A moped rider suffered a brain injury, orthopaedic injuries and psychological injuries as a result of road collision with another vehicle.

22 March 2021

Someone riding a moped

Our client was riding his moped when he was knocked off his moped by another vehicle. As a result of the accident our client sustained a brain injury, orthopaedic injuries and psychological injuries. Following the accident he also suffered severe headaches which caused him significant pain.

As a Police Federation member, he came to Slater and Gordon via his Police Federation Rep for advice and assistance.

One of our priorities was to maximise the chance of our client's recovery. He had relocated to the USA, so we obtained funding under the Rehab Code for a specialist case manager in the USA and ensured he received rehabilitation and treatment.

Once the other side admitted fault, we secured our client interim payments to assist him and his family financially.

The other side did argue the extent of his injuries and whether he could return to work. We issued and served proceedings and obtained expert medical evidence and witness evidence to support our client’s case.

Following negotiations, we were able to settle the case successfully. The settlement will allow him to obtain private rehabilitation treatment in the future to help him get back to living as independent a life as possible.

If you'd like more information about moped accident claims or motorcycle accidents claims, visit our motorcycle accident compensation claims page. Alternatively, if you were injured in a motorcycle or moped accident and would like to speak to one of our experts, contact us today.

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