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We fully understand that people are often in very different circumstances when it comes to dismissal from work, from amicable to highly acrimonious situations.

Some people going through disciplinary or dismissal procedures may have to attend hearings and appeals, whilst others for whom the dismissal is a feature of discrimination or bullying treatment; and other workers who may be leaving by mutual agreement, but require legal support to assist in negotiating the details of their departure arrangements and severance package.

Alternatively, you might find yourself unfairly dismissed from work as a result of improper handling of redundancy by your employer, or because your employer has transferred your business unit to another entity and not fully played by the rules. In all these situations, we skilfully advance our clients’ interests while providing a personal, thorough and cost-effective service.

Our Employment Solicitors have been involved in many high-value dismissal cases, securing many millions of pounds in compensation for our clients.

We can advise you of the value of your dismissal claim, and help you to reach a good deal. We can also negotiate employment termination packages on your behalf and offer tax advice. If you are called to attend an employment disciplinary or dismissal hearing, we can advise you throughout the process. We can also arrange for representation at the disciplinary, dismissal or appeal hearings through our specialist Executive Reps service, providing a representative to accompany you.

If you have been dismissed from your job in unfair circumstances, you may have a claim for unfair dismissal. We will consider your employer’s reasons for dismissing you and the process that has been followed in order to advise you of your legal rights, how to challenge the dismissal, and what compensation may be available to you, whether through the Employment Tribunal or through an out-of-court settlement.

For more detailed information download and print our legal advice guide on Unfair Dismissal from Employment.

If you are dismissed in circumstances where you can fairly be dismissed, but your employer has not complied with its contractual obligations to you, for example in not paying you for your full notice period, you may have a claim for wrongful dismissal.

You may also have a claim in circumstances where the treatment you have experienced from your employer makes it impossible for you to continue in employment, leaving you with no option but to resign. Although not an actual dismissal, a fundamental breach of contract by your employer may amount to what is known as Constructive Dismissal in these circumstances. Constructive dismissal claims are complex and can be risky, so it's important to get expert legal advice to consider the circumstances before leaving your job. 

Employment Dismissal & Your Legal Rights

Our Employment Law Solicitors have prepared three free online Expert Guides to help you understand more about your legal rights. See Constructive DismissalUnfair Dismissal & Executive Dismissal.

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