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Slater and Gordon Lawyers are experts in advising employees in high-value bonus disputes. Our employment Solicitors are adept at handling pay issues, and can offer you valuable legal advice with efficient service, whether this involves assisting you in your negotiations or taking legal action over any shortfall in pay or bonus.

Bonus Claims

These are governed by contract law and require careful analysis of the terms of the bonus scheme.

If your bonus is guaranteed, a claim can sometimes succeed through a debt-recovery action. However, this can be complicated if your employment has been terminated, as it's often dependent on the drafting of your contract and the reason for termination.

Claims involving discretionary bonuses, where the employer determines if anything is payable to you and how much, are also complicated. In some cases it is possible to recover a discretionary bonus through a claim for breach of contract, but this can be hard to prove.

It is highly recommended that you seek specialist legal advice before pursuing a claim regarding a discretionary bonus. Our employment Solicitors have successfully negotiated many settlements while pursuing discretionary payments. Our approach is to look into your precise circumstances and consider if there is any evidence of bad faith or discrimination in your employer’s decision to withhold or reduce your bonus.

Problems relating to pay or bonuses can also be at the root of formal grievances with your employer. If you lack a trade-union representative and are facing disciplinary or grievance hearings, we can offer you a specialist service: Executive Reps.

Our experience in this complex area informs our approach when negotiating new employment employment contracts for employees. We are alert to the consequences of subtle nuances in drafting, and our experts are skilled in agreeing terms that protect your interests.

Bonus Pay / Dispute Legal Advice Guides

For further information download and print our legal advice guides about Bonus Pay & Bonus Discrimination.

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