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At Slater and Gordon Lawyers our Age Discrimination Solicitors are committed to providing expert and sensitive advice on age discrimination in the workplace and can assist you with any age discrimination claim you may have against your employer. 

One of the most important recent developments in employment law was the prohibition of age discrimination in the workplace. Although unlawful for several years now, many employers and employees remain unaware of its application to their working lives. Our Age Discrimination Solicitors work at the forefront of the developing law on age discrimination and have acted on a number of major cases.

Less favourable treatment on the grounds of age is unlawful direct discrimination, unless it stands up to objective justification. “Indirect” discrimination, treatment which seems neutral at first glance but puts people of a certain age or age group at a substantial disadvantage compared to others, is also unlawful unless it can be objectively justified.

Age Discrimination Laws protect both older and younger employees. Dismissal because an older worker is perceived to be 'past it', or rejecting a young applicant on the simple assumption that they lack experience, is no longer permitted. Compensation is unlimited, which means that Tribunals can make awards based on the actual loss an individual suffers as a result of discrimination, rather than a token sum.

There is now a Retirement Notification Procedure which must be followed in all cases. The law governing retirement age is changing. At present, mandatory retirement before 65 has to be justified and all employees are entitled to request work beyond the age of 65, should they wish to, although employers are not obliged to agree to the request. This process will however be abolished from 6th April 2011.

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