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Slater and Gordon are regarded as one of the best UK law firms for legal advice in the complex area of Permanent Health Insurance. We have recovered substantial amounts of money in lost benefits for people we have represented. If you have a problem relating to your permanent health insurance, we can help you to achieve the best outcome possible.

Permanent Health Insurance

Many employees enjoy the benefit of permanent health insurance cover under their contracts of employment. This is insurance cover which comes into effect when an employee becomes sick long-term, with the benefit payable after a set period of time.

Permanent Health Insurance Claim Problems

It's not uncommon to experience problems when claiming on a permanent health insurance policy. Issues can arise with your employer when there is a dispute as to whether the cover is payable or not. This can be complicated when the terms offered by the insurer differ from those expressed in the employee's contract or employee handbook.

Discrimination in Health Insurance Claims

The relationship between dismissal and benefits payable under permanent health insurance is also an area ripe for disputes. For example, in cases where an employee on long term sick leave is receiving benefits under a permanent health insurance policy, these payments may terminate on the employee's dismissal.

Disability Discrimination Law in particular, where it concerns mental health issues like chronic fatigue and depression, can also complicate the terms under which permanent health insurance payments are paid. Slater and Gordon's expert team Work Discrimination Lawyers are leaders in their field.

Permanent Health Insurance Policy Help

If for any reason you feel you have not received your dues under your permanent health insurance policy, or you are concerned generally about your policy, it's worth getting expert legal advice. Slater and Gordon can help you. We can advise you where you stand with your permanent health insurance policy and have recovered substantial lost permanent health insurance benefits for clients through high-value settlements. We are frequently referred work in this highly specialist area by other law firms in recognition of our specialist knowledge.

Legal Advice Guide to Permanent Health Insurance

For more information read our legal advice guide about  Permanent Health Insurance which you can print.

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