The Law allows you to claim compensation for injuries and also for losses that you have suffered as a result of Sexual or Physical Abuse.

Abuse claims can be lengthy and often involve difficult legal issues. The Slater and Gordon Sexual and Physical Abuse team are highly experienced in dealing with the complex legal arguments that often arise in sexual and physical abuse cases. For a free, confidential consultation call Slater and Gordon on freephone 0800 916 9046 or claim online.

Abuse can cause both physical and psychological harm which can often be lifelong, especially so if untreated. This may cause a financial impact, if the person who has suffered the abuse is unable to work as a result and also if the treatment they need is unaffordable. This is why people who have suffered abuse have the right to seek compensation.

Whether you’ve been abused as an adult or a child, either recently or many years ago, you may still be entitled to compensation. However, cases of abuse are complex cases and you should therefore speak to solicitors who are experts in this area of law. Slater and Gordon has a vast amount of expertise in this area and can advise you on whether or not you can make a claim for compensation.

The Most Common Abuse Claims

There are various abuse claims in which compensation may be awarded. The most common abuse claims include:

  • Abuse suffered as a child in local authority or foster care
  • Failure by social services to protect a child from abuse
  • Abuse of a child by a person in a position of trust, such as a priest or a teacher
  • Abuse suffered as a child within organisations such as sporting clubs and scout groups
  • Abuse suffered within the family
  • Abuse or assaults by hospitals / doctors / the medical profession
  • Abuse of the elderly in a nursing or care home
  • Sexual or physical abuse suffered as an adult
  • A single incident of a sexual or physical assault

Funding an Abuse Claim

The cost of legal advice can often be a concern. However, there are several options available to fund cases of abuse and sexual assault.

If you have legal expense insurance under an existing insurance policy (such as motor insurance or home insurance) this may fund your claim. We can check this for you. If legal expense insurance is not in place under an existing policy, we may be able to conduct your case under a Conditional Fee Agreement, also known as a no win no fee agreement. This means, if you do not win your case, no payment is due.

If your claim is a CICA Claim, your claim will be funded under a contingency free agreement. Again, this means if your case is unsuccessful, no payment is due.

As soon as we have reviewed your case, we will be able to explain the funding options available to you.

What to Expect

We understand that that taking the first step to talk about such sensitive information may seem overwhelming but we will guide you through the process. During your free confidential consultation one of our solicitors will take details about what happened and provide you with some preliminary advice. They will also be able to explain the legal process and funding arrangements to you. If we are able to assist with your case we will then gather further details and begin to build your case.

Understandably many people are concerned about having to go to court, especially in cases of abuse. Most cases of abuse successfully settle before a final court hearing takes place. In the event that a final hearing does take place it is unlikely that the abuser will be present at the hearing. Also, we are very experienced when it comes to pursuing claims and preserving anonymity.

Your Right to Anonymity

Anyone who has suffered a sexual offence has a guaranteed legal right to anonymity. This means that the media cannot publish your name or any details which might identify you. You should therefore not worry about confidentiality as the law is there to protect you.

Group Abuse Cases

In cases which involve institutions, such as local authority care homes, or high profile cases, such as the Jimmy Savile investigation, there may be a number of individuals making similar complaints. Often this situation will arise when there has been a large scale police investigation.

Where a number of such claims are brought at the same time, the court will often order that the claims be dealt with together as there will be a number of common issues between the individual cases. This is called Group Litigation.

We have a vast amount of experience when dealing with group abuse cases, in particular high profile group cases, and will provide you with the best possible advice.

Time Limits for Making a Claim for Compensation

Even if the abuse happened many years ago, it is still possible to make a claim for compensation. In England and Wales there is an Act of Parliament called “The Limitation Act” which sets rules about when claim should be made. It is therefore important that you speak to a solicitor that specialises in abuse claims as soon as possible if you think you may have a claim

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