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Danielle Trubridge

Court of Protection executive

I pride myself on going the extra mile for my clients and their families and for being delivering a top quality service whilst making them feel at ease about the legal process.

Get to know Danielle

I joined Slater and Gordon in 2021 in the Court of Protection Department. I have been involved in Court of Protection Deputyships and Personal Injury Trusts for over 10 years. I work predominantly for vulnerable clients and those who suffer from acquired brain injuries.

I am based in the North East however, I act for clients across the country, predominantly in the North East and North West. I work with the Personal Injury teams during the litigation process as well as post settlement.

I also work very closely with multi-disciplinary teams such as case managers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists as well as architects and financial advisors.

I am currently studying to complete my CILEX qualifications.

The extra mile

From 2020-2022 I was fundraising lead for Headway Tyneside, a charity which helps people affected by brain injury across the North East.

I have been involved in several charity based fundraising activities such as sky dives and boat racing in order to raise money for charities that support those with brain injuries.

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Even though those with a deputyship or power of attorney have responsibility for managing a donor’s affairs, they are still ultimately answerable to the Court of Protection for any decisions they make.
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A professional deputyship is when an individual expert or corporation is appointed to act for a person who doesn’t have the mental capacity to make their own decisions about finances and welfare issues. Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to the court of protection to be appointed as a relative’s Deputy. However, this can be a difficult role, which is why many people consider professional deputyship to be a better option.
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